2020 Conference Proposal Submission Form

Conference Location:  Tampa, FL
Venue: Tampa Marriott Water Street
Address: 505 Water Street, Tampa FL 33602
Dates: October 2-4, 2020

Speaker Remuneration Levels: 

Time Approved for Speaking
at 2020 Conference
1 hour of speaking $250 per hour None None
2 hours of speaking $250 per hour 50% Discount None
3+ hours of speaking $250 per hour 100% Discount None
3+ hours speaking &
20+ hours documented professional
speaking experience
$250 per hour 100% Discount Up to $1,000


To increase the chances of being accepted, we encourage speakers to submit multiple proposals.

Please only submit one proposal at a time.

For questions, please contact Erin McNerney, IAAHPC Conference Coordinator, at erin.mcnerney@iaahpc.org.

Deadline for proposal submission: March 1, 2020

Personal Information

  • Street address, city, region, postal code, and country

  • Limit 150 words

  • Allowed file types: pdf

Proposed Lecture

  • Limit: 300 words


  • Our conferences are recorded for sale, both live and through post-conference purchasing. Please read the agreement. Sign here if you agree to be recorded during the conference. Those who do not sign will not be invited to speak. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

    Read the PRESENTER AGREEMENT (click HERE to download).

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